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Oki, so I did this cause I nabbed it off of FurAffinity... >>
(also, Tyson and Loren are my rp characters with friends, Wendelle and Cross are my SOnic OC characters on FA)

~ ~ ~

1. Choose 4 of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Add one question of your own
4. Tag 3 other people

Original Characters:

1. Loren
2. Wendelle
3. Tyson
4. Cross

A. How old are you?

Loren: Um...17 and 3\4~
Wendelle: Heh, 14...
Tyson: Oh um, 17~
Cross: Older then you...

B. Do you want a hug?

Loren: Please and thank-you~ *holds opens arms*
Wendelle: *holds out butcher knife* don't you DARE come any closer....!
Tyson: Oh, sure, but...Simon wouldn't approve... *points over to glairing eyes*
Cross: No

C. Have any bad habits?

Loren: *pouts* only pouting I guess...
Wendelle: I suppose killing people, 'specially children~
Tyson: Oh! Um, using cuffs instead of blindfold...~?
Cross: *groans* having too much sex...?

D. You a virgin?

Loren: *growls* no...
Wendelle: no...
Tyson: NO~!
Cross: not really, no...

E. Have any kids?

Loren: no... but I'd like one~
Wendelle: ew, no...
Tyson: nope, don't like 'em... *huffs*
Cross: *groans* yes...
Everyone: YOU DO?! *is shocked*

F. Favorite food or drink?

Loren: Drink; Strawberry Milkshake --- Food; Seafood Kabobs~ *purrs and makes some now*
Wendelle: *hums* ... *snaps fingers* HUMAN FLESH~! *go's to kill someone* Oh an um... Martinies~
Tyson: Oh~! Tofu... Korean style~ *purrs*
Cross: I don't have any...

G. Killed anyone?

Loren: *blinks and pouts* wish I could... but no!
Wendelle: yes....~ *purrs harder*
Tyson: *looks away* a few...
Cross: *snorts* yes.

H. Hate anyone?

Loren: *pouts further* yes!
Wendelle: Yes! *points* Him!!
Tyson: *blinks* who Crossu~?
Cross: *grunts* and I hate you too...! *starts fighting*

I. Any secrets?

Loren: *giggles* yes~
Wendelle: not really...
Tyson: *thinks about this*
Cross: nope.

J. Love anyone?

Loren: *blushes and rubs back of neck* I dunno...
Wendelle: *rolls eyes* no
Tyson: YES, SIIIMON~! *tackles him*
Cross: *looks down* Zarch..~

K. What is your job?

Lore: Working at the local Library
Wendelle: Bring worthless scums to Hell~
Tyson: At the Skate Shop~!
Cross: *shrugs*

L. Favorite season?

Loren: Spring~
Wendelle: Spring...
Tyson: *giggles* SPRING~!
Cross: *smirks* Summer...~ *has his reasons*
Everyone: AWWW, TELL US~!
Cross: *shakes his head* nope~

M. Who's your best friend?

Loren: *blinks* Oh~! Wendelle~! and uh, Andy~
Wendelle: Loren... that's all I got...
Tyson: um... I suppose just Simon~ *swoons*
Cross: *shrugs* I suppose the guys; Olli, Ryuk and Acid...

N. Hobbies?

Loren: Cooking~
Wendelle: Killing
Tyson: Skating~
Cross: Sexing...

O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?

Loren: Possibly get 'raped' by Molly...
Wendelle: *snorts* KILL
Tyson: Oh, rollerblade~!
Cross: *grins* Find Zarch~

P. What is your eye color?

Loren: Pale Rose...but I don't like showing them *keeps bangs long to hide them*
Wendelle: *grumbles* Brown 'n Green
Tyson: Magenta messed up colour *kept covered by eyepatch*
Cross: Blood Red...

Q. Are you good? Or bad?

Loren: *smiles* Good~
Wendelle: *grins* baaad
Tyson: Good~
Cross: *huffs* bad...

R. Any last words?

Loren: save me...!
Wendelle: remember to always brush and floss with human blood~
Tyson: *shrugs* nope...
Cross: ...

S. What is your greatest fear?

Loren: *gulps hard* m-my father...and possibly Molly *looks about*
Wendelle: *grumbles* those damn twins, Vixin and Xiniv...
Tyson: falling and scrapping my knee while skating ;;

T. Does your name have a special meaning?

Loren: *shakes head* just plain old girly-named Loren~
Wendelle: ew, no
Tyson: YA, LIKE THAT BOXSER GUY~! *starts air punching*

U. What's your alt?

Everyone:... *tilts head*

V. Any siblings?

Loren: I had one...*shrugs* never heard from him again
Wendelle: A few.... million...>>
Tyson: nuh-uh~
Cross: no

W. Where do you live?

Loren: In a quiet little Neighbourhood in Canada~
Wendelle: I don't even know @@
Tyson: London, England~!
Cross: *shrugs*

X. If you had a chance to meet anyone on earth, who would it be?

Loren: *sighs* Emeril... BAM, BAM, BAM~!!!
Wendelle: I guess my mother...
Tyson: *whines* my kitty...
Cross: ...

Y. In the next 5 minutes a meteorite hits Earth and gives powers to everyone...that survives, what power would you like to have?

Loren: omfg...THE POWER TO GROW~!
Wendelle: The power to Death~!
Tyson:... oh gods...TO SHAPE SHIFT! *shifts into Tony Hawk*

Z. Is life worth living?

Loren: *shrugs* I suppose,yes~
Wendelle: what do I care, I'm already dead..!
Tyson: Oh yes~! As long as I have Simon, I find life worth living~!
Cross: *is asleep*

----Added Question----

1a.) What is your most embarrassing childhood memory?

Loren: *blushes hard and turns away* I thought this was over!
Wendelle: Oh gods *laughs* when I accedentally stabed this one kid, and then I did it to another, and another~! *laughs more* was even funnier when the parents came and started to CRY~! *bursts out laughing*
Tyson: ... *is creeped out now*... oh my god Wendelle!
Wendelle: *continues laughing*
Cross: I got none...



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